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Sei Bella is committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and customers. We will be dilligently following MA State protocols and CDC regulations to ensure the safest sanitized visit for all. We are so appreciative of the loyalty of our customers: thank you all for your support & love!

Our salon officially is open to appointments on 6/2/20.


Booking Appointments, 5/27/20 and beyond

We will be accepting online appointments via our website and booking from our Facebook post requesting an appointment until we are physically in the salon on Tuesday, June 2nd.  If you have requested an appointment on our Facebook post, we will be reaching out to schedule you.  

Stylist Availability, Summer 2020

Carrie, Amber, Taylor, and Lo will be returning to their normal schedules.

Alison and Katrina will be working limited hours due to child care.

Katrina will be back on June 2nd, two nights a week only.  

Alison will be back to work after June 12th.  

Christine will be rejoining us later in the summer.


For the time being, PLEASE feel free to see someone else in the salon if you’re schedule doesn’t line up with your regular stylist. We are all happily supporting each other in accommodating all of our clients as best we can. There are so many people waiting for appointments, so please be patient as we try to fit everyone in as quickly as we can. This will be a challenging time, as we will not be able to see as many people in a day as we are used to due to restrictions on the number of people in the salon, and the extra time necessary for proper sanitation. We thank you for your patience!

Sei Bella Protocol, Per the order of the State of Massachusetts

Our salon is following all protocols per order of the State of Massachusetts, as well as additional measures we choose to take to ensure the, safest, most sanitized visit for our clients. We understand that all of this is a lot to ask of you, but please know it is all so we can provide the safest and most sanitized experience for everyone. We love all of you and we appreciate you coming in and supporting us!


  1. All clients and stylists are required to wear a mask at all times.  We ask that you come with your own. If you forget your mask, we will have one for you for an additional charge. Please know all stylists will be wearing faceshields to cover our eyes per request of the state. 

  2. When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car.  We will text or call you to let you know you can come inside. When you book your appointment, please make sure you give us the cell phone number we can reach you at when you arrive for your appointment. If you do not have a cell phone, we ask that you wait outside under our awning so we can see you and direct you when to come in.   

  3. Upon arriving in the salon, we will take your temperature and ask you if you are experiencing any symptoms, or if you have had a known exposure to Covid-19.  If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more, or are showing any symptoms, or have had known exposure, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date. This is an additional step that we are taking beyond what is required by the state to increase our safety, as well as all of our clients’ safety. 

  4. Upon entering the salon, we will ask you to go directly to sink and wash your hands before having a seat at your stylist’s chair. We ask that you only get up from the chair to use the bathroom.

  5. We will check you out at the chair and rebook you for your next appointment. We highly recommend rebooking before you leave. It is a huge help to rebook appointments at the time of service in order to lessen our phone ringing throughout the day, eliminating our need to excuse ourselves to answer. If you choose not to rebook before leaving, please consider booking online, as we will not have a receptionist at this time.

  6. When your appointment is complete, we will walk you the the door and open the door for you.

  7. We can no longer serve coffee and water, so we recommend that you bring your own to have during your service.


You can rest assured that before you sit in your chair, that the chair, surfaces, and tools will have been sanitized. You will have a fresh cape, and we will be wearing a fresh smock. Our stylists will be wiping surfaces, handles, and tools throughout each day.


We may look a bit out of character with our masks, faceshields, smocks, and gloves, but we are following all protocols asked by State of Massachusetts to keep you and our staff healthy and safe. 


This will be an adjustment and different for all of us, but trust that it will not take away from us doing our absolute best to take care of you and our end goal... which is YOU leaving with AMAZING HAIR! We can’t wait to see you!


"I love this place, it is very friendly, & the women
know what they are doing when it comes to beauty! "

-Client, Anne C.

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